Scissor Lifts

Elevated Efficiency with Industry-Leading Design

The ever-expanding line of Genie® electric and rough terrain scissor lifts offers you high performance and versatility — boosting work site productivity. Genie electric scissor lifts are exceptionally mobile, letting you manoeuvre in tight worksites. Plus, they’re productive and efficient, providing increased workspace for larger loads and more workers. Genie rough terrain scissor lifts also enhance productivity by providing exceptional traction, speed and gradeability. They’re the perfect machines for big outdoor jobs where platform workspace is critical.

The scissor lift series are available in 6.57 m (21 ft), 17.95 m (58 ft 10 in) working heights. All units provide the ability to drive at full height for jobsite efficiency and uptime. Non-marking, foamfilled rough terrain tyres provide the versatility needed to start the job on rough terrain and finish on indoor slab surfaces.

On-board diagnostics help operators troubleshoot on the fly and make adjustments in the field to maintain uptime. Plus, slide- or pull-out engine trays allow easy access to components — no need to reach around obstacles inside the machine. Many parts and service procedures are common across the entire Genie® scissors line for cost-effective parts stocking and maintenance efficiencies.

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