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Galadari heavy equipment Interview: The Brand Leader

galadari equipment
Mahmoud Hamarshah, general manager, Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment (GTHE) talks to CMME about adapting to an ever-evolving market

The first thing that strikes you when you visit the Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment website is a set of numbers that race onto the screen. One of the most famous distributors and recognisable names in the region, you’re told that it represents more than 15 brands and can boast 100% customer satisfaction – and it’s been delivering its market-leading service for over 40 years.

Despite its outstanding longevity, Mahmoud Hamarshah, general manager, Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment (GTHE) tells CMME that the winner of the 2023 CMME Distributor of the Year award is not ready to rest on its laurels just yet. In a fast-moving and fast-changing market, GTHE is adapting and evolving, and putting sustainability first


You are by most measures, one of the strongest distributors in the region. How have you managed to be so successful?
Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment is a prominent player in the heavy equipment industry in UAE. We are the market leader and the sole dealer of Komatsu equipment in the UAE. Our company has established a strong reputation for providing top-quality products, exceptional customer service, and reliable after-sales support.

Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment holds the highest market share in the region, which speaks volumes about our success. We have achieved this position by consistently delivering value and exceeding customer expectations.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a complete package to our customers. Beyond the supply of equipment, we offer comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance, repairs, spare parts, and training programmes. This ensures that our customers receive continuous support throughout the lifecycle of their equipment.

Your partnership with Komatsu typifies this approach, how has it developed over the years?
Our partnership with Komatsu has been instrumental in our success as the leading provider of heavy equipment in the UAE. The collaboration between Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment and Komatsu has evolved and strengthened over the years, resulting in a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship.

Our shared commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership has fostered a close and fruitful relationship. Together, we have successfully met the evolving needs of our customers in UAE, delivering reliable and high-performing equipment that enhances productivity and efficiency on job sites.

We look forward to further strengthening our partnership with Komatsu, driving growth and success in the heavy equipment market in the UAE.

Why do you think Japanese brands have built such a strong reputation in the market?
Japanese brands, including Komatsu, have built a strong reputation in the market for several reasons. In particular, the combination of quality, innovation, customer-centricity and ethical business practices has helped.

This reputation has made them highly sought after by customers across various industries, including the heavy equipment sector.

Your work with Komatsu during COVID earned a well-deserved global award with you also earning even
greater market share. Looking back why do you think you were successful while others struggled and how have you built on that?
During the challenging times of COVID-19, our success in collaboration with Komatsu can be attributed to several key factors such as the ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances. We swiftly adjusted our business operations, implementing safety protocols, remote working arrangements, and digital solutions to continue serving our customers while ensuring the well-being of our employees.

Certainly, managing the supply chain effectively was a critical aspect of our success during the pandemic.
Despite global disruptions and uncertainties, our commitment to ensuring a steady flow of equipment and spare parts, and meeting customer demands remained unwavering.

Digital tools and technologies also played a vital role during the pandemic. We leveraged virtual communication channels, online training programs, and remote diagnostics to provide uninterrupted customer support and keep our teams connected.

Beyond Komatsu, how are the other brands performing? What can the most successful ones currently tell us about demand in the market?

Beyond Komatsu, many of the other major brands are also performing well, such as Bomag road equipment, Metso mobile crushing and screening equipment, and Genie access platforms, indicating a thriving construction and infrastructure sector.


The UAE has been investing heavily in infrastructure development, with ambitious projects ranging from roads, bridges, airports, and ports to urban developments and smart cities, also experienced a construction boom in recent years, driven by a strong real estate market, commercial developments, and the expansion of tourism and hospitality sectors. The demand for heavy equipment, including crushers, aerial work platforms, and road equipment, is fueled by these initiatives.

How would you characterize the typical customer experience at Galadari and how is it evolving?
The typical customer experience at Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment is characterized by a customer-centric approach that revolves around providing comprehensive support, training, and exceptional service. As the market leader in the UAE’s heavy equipment industry, we prioritize the satisfaction and success of our customers.

Our commitment to customer support extends beyond the point of purchase. We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including maintenance, repairs, and spare parts supply. Our well-trained technicians and service team ensure that customers’ equipment remains in optimal condition and operates efficiently throughout its lifecycle. We understand the criticality of spare parts availability for uninterrupted operations. Our efficient spare parts management ensures that customers can quickly access genuine Komatsu parts when needed, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.

We also offer equipment demonstrations, allowing them to see the performance and capabilities of the machinery firsthand. This helps customers gain confidence in their purchases and ensures that they select the right equipment for their applications.

The customer experience at Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment is evolving to be more comprehensive, digitally integrated, and sustainable. By continually enhancing our support offerings, investing in advanced technologies, and staying attuned to our customers’ needs, we aim to maintain our position as a trusted partner in the heavy equipment market and provide an exceptional customer journey.

The machinery scene seems very competitive in the UAE, how are you working together to offer something compelling or different for end-users?
We have adopted several strategies to maintain our position and to offer something compelling and different for end users. We continuously expand our product portfolio to offer a wide range of solutions. Our offerings cover various applications, including earthmoving, construction, mining, and material handling. By having a diverse product lineup, we cater to different industries and projects, providing end-users with a one-stop shop for their equipment needs.

We also prioritize exceptional after-sales support. Our well-equipped service centers and highly skilled technicians ensure that customers’ equipment operates at peak performance throughout its lifecycle. This commitment to service and maintenance differentiates us from competitors and fosters long-term customer loyalty.

How do you think the UAE market is changing? Does that open opportunities for GTHE? Does this shape the range of equipment and brands you offer?
The UAE market is continually evolving, driven by various factors such as economic developments, changing industry demands, and advancements in technology.

These changes present opportunities for Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment (GTHE) to capitalize on and expand the range of equipment and brands to align with emerging needs and trends. There is a growing emphasis on sustainability and green initiatives in the UAE. As the country prioritizes eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient solutions, we are currently exploring opportunities to expand our range of environmentally friendly equipment and brands that align with these objectives.

It is the Year of Sustainability in the UAE. How is GTHE making sure it matches the country’s green ambitions?
GTHE ensures that sustainable practices extend beyond equipment operation, we have recently launched a company-wide plastic bottle recycling initiative aimed at fostering environmental sustainability and waste reduction.

The plastic bottle recycling program is part of the Galadari Heavy Equipment Division’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy. The company recognizes the detrimental effects of plastic waste on the environment and understands the urgency to address this global challenge. The division strives to make a meaningful difference in reducing plastic pollution and conserving valuable resources by initiating a comprehensive recycling effort.

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