The silent partner for the toughest conditions

E-Air –your silent partner for the toughest conditions

For ages being heard and seen have been the common way to survive and evolve. It remains valid in the wild. In some habitats, however, that seems to have changed. Cities are still full of noise and air pollution, but some jobsites have seen the arrival of a new silent species. Behind the obvious heroes, a silent partner with considerable strength and zero emissions has emerged.

Meet our electric portable compressor: silent, efficient, reliable and clean.

Top benefits of our electric portable compressor range

To operate more sustainably, companies are reviewing all of the equipment they use. One vital piece of equipment on many applications that can make a significant difference to sustainable operations is mobile compressors.  Are you wondering why? Check out the top seven benefits below!


1. The E-Air products produce no emissions.


2. Secondly, the E-Air is low in noise. Together with the no emissions, the E-Air is the perfect fit for indoor use or in urban areas.


3. Besides, they are very easy to use. It is a plug and play solution. You only have to plug in the socket and you can start working.


4. The total cost of ownership is another benefit. Only in fuel, you can save up to 65% of cost.


5. The machines have an increased reliabilty.


6. They have less parts and there is less downtime. Maintenance for example is only needed every 2000 hours instead of 500 hours.


7. Last but not least, we save up save and reduce the footprint of our machines and their users.

Source: Atlas Copco

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