Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks

International cooperation with leading European truck brands gives you reliability and performance at an affordable price. Designed and built through joint ventures with leading European truck manufacturers. Not only truck designs are shared but also the production process, component suppliers and quality control practices.

With state-of-the-art production facilities, high volume production and an international dealer network the result is the best value for money truck on the road today.

Vehicles feature the advanced engine technology and an efficient drive line to give you low emissions and reduced fuel consumption. Parts and service costs are much lower than
equivalent quality vehicles giving you most economical ownership package available today.

SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) is at the center of China’s heavy-duty truck industry. Its parent company, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Company (CNHTC) was founded in 1956 and is China’s largest heavy-duty truck manufacturing and export base.

The headquarters of SINOTRUK is based in Jinan, Shandong Province of China and employs more than 48,000. SINOTRUK produces heavy-duty trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, buses and special purpose vehicles.

SINOTRUK produces under multiple brand names including SITRAK, HOWO, HOHAN & STR. Each brand features trucks suited to difference levels of user requirements.

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