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A trusted name in heavy machinery equipment

Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd and Komatsu go hand-in-hand as the UAE rises to new heights
Samer Khalid, General Manager Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd (GTHE), brings with him a distinguished professional experience of more than 20 years. He is the backbone behind the success story of GTHE. A humble person, Khalid has a complete grip on the nerves of the industry, and foresees growth for his company despite sluggish trends in the market. His insight and passion to introduce Japanese heavy machinery in the UAE has made him a legend. While forecasting a growth rate of two to three per cent for the ongoing year, GTHE is sure to retain its market leadership status. Khalid sees a fair deal in 2018, and hopes that the market would turnaround with a growth of three to five per cent.

The GTHE top man says that demand is on the rise, and the market is active. “We look forward to engage with our customers, and we expect the demand to sustain with more sales in the coming year,” a confident Khalid remarked. He hoped the demand for heavy machinery sales would rise before the implementation of VAT in the UAE. “A boom period is on the anvil.”

Listing out GTHE success factors, Khalid said, “having the right people to tap targets, a confident relationship with the customers, offering complete solution to customers, ensuring viability of old machines for customers with after-sales service, is the key to a win-win relationship.”

Khalid exclusively mentioned Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis (KOWA), which acts as a lifeline for machines health and enhances its productivity. KOWA is part of Condition Monitoring Services (CMS), and it helps detect trend changes and contaminant problems. This preventative diagnostic process, combined with scheduled maintenance, helps avoid expensive and unscheduled catastrophic failures.

The general manager said that Komatsu has full range of products, and GTHE enjoys a very strong relationship with it for the last four decades. As the sole distributor for Komatsu in the UAE, GTHE has positioned the Japanese multinational corporation as the number one manufacturer of construction equipment in the country.

He said Komatsu and GTHE offer the best solution to customers’ needs and understand their requirements. “For us customer satisfaction is a must. We are also conscious of new trends and demands. We take care of it in the best possible manner.”

This year as GTHE and Komatsu celebrate the 40th anniversary of their cooperation, we resolve to serve our customers and address the market demand with new synergies, a passionate Khalid observed.

Forecasting future trend, Khalid says, “We are the market leader, and want to retain that status. The support that we get from inside and outside factors is laudable, and is an asset. I can foresee GTHE to be at the top and gain more valuable customers.”

The GTHE boss said that Expo 2020 is a milestone, and developmental activity will give way to many big projects. He said expansion and construction of new projects will bring a boom to industry, and the GTHE will be at the vanguard to come up with accessible solution for clients. “Expo 2020 is an opportunity for us to stabilise our parameters.”

Khalid made it a point to illustrate that Komatsu quality is number one, and is a prized Japanese product. He said that Komatsu machines are durable and provide effective solutions to all kinds of developmental activity. “Komatsu will continue to grow in the region, and it will reflect our growth as well.”

He said the UAE would continue to import heavy machines from Japan to ensure best quality products to our customers. The GTHE chief had a word of praise for his staff, management and his valued customers, who he said are the icons of growth and confidence, and are the real factors behind the success story. “The GTHE is playing a remarkable role in the UAE’s development, and Komatsu is our strength and identity.”

Khalid says with state-of-the-art machinery at our disposal, GTHE is busy modernising its fleet with new inventions. “Our equipment and services offer value addition to our customers in terms of quality, durability and trustworthiness.”



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