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GTHE top construction equipment market in UAE

November 5, 2019

Japan-based Komatsu continues to reign the construction and mining sector with its wide range of top-notch machinery and equipment. This reach is further extended in the UAE and the Middle East, thanks to the intricate distribution network established by Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment (GTHE).

“GTHE currently holds the number one spot with a market share of 52 per cent; a rank we have retained for over six years. We have
worked very hard to achieve it, and look forward to increasing the gap between us and the competitors, to remain the top provider for our customers and help them secure projects in the right time and manner,” said Samer Khalid, CEO — Heavy Equipment

Division, Galadari Brothers Co. LLC. Komatsu boasts of a strong and varied portfolio of trucks, dumpers, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, etc., thus catering to diverse customer requirements and demand.

“Delivery time for Komatsu machines is also another positive aspect. They can provide any required machine within two to three months,
even if it is not a fast-moving vehicle,” Khalid added.

For fast-moving ones, Komatsu has a well-stocked facility in Jebel Ali that provides immediate delivery to anywhere in the Gulf
through Komatsu Middle East’s dealer network reservation system.

“Our relationship with Komatsu has been going strong for the last 45 years. Every year, we look forward to enhancing this business
connection through our shareholders, chairman and board of directors, and contribute towards their goal to achieve an extensive global market share,” he said.

The new 46,298-sqm Komatsu facility, the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East, features a dedicated training and a demonstration arena. The venue gives customers a preview of Komatsu’s specialities and showcases a variety of machinery to secure infrastructure, construction and development needs.

Samer Khalid, CEO — Heavy Equipment Division, Galadari Brothers Co. LLC

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