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Market leader in heavy machinery solutions

October 14, 2018

Samer Khalid, General Manager Galadari Trucks & Heavy Equipment, is optimistic at heart, and is a doer. It is his exceptional leadership that has put GTHE and Komatsu at the vanguard in the UAE, and made it a success story.

In an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times, the GTHE top man takes pride in declaring GTHE to be the market leader for the 5th consecutive year. “It is, undoubtedly, our teamwork that has made us indispensable. Our market share is to the tune of 59 per cent, which is exponentially a record in itself,” Khalid humbly notifies with a broad smile on his face.

He quotes Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, saying, “Success is 50 per cent; the other 50 per cent is your competitor’s failure.” With such a novel benchmark, the GTHE has set a broad canvas for itself as the market opens new vistas of trade and development.

Khalid believes in thinking and executing solutions “out of the box”. This is why he is quite enterprising and has an eye on the evolving dynamics of the market. “I give way to brainstorming sessions, and is receptive to fresh ideas that bring in new incentives and attractions to our customers,” he remarks.

While eulogising his business and sales strategy, Khalid says, “We are not just a machine provider, but come with a complete package of after-sales services.”

The GTHE, which prides on its decades-long association with Japanese Komatsu, has done well in the market, and has been instrumental in turning the wheel of the economy in terms of reliance on heavy machinery and equipment.

It has accomplished a number of gigantic projects in the UAE and, named a few signature projects such as Maktoum Airport, which will be completely operational by the end of 2019, saying, “There are many more in the pipeline.” He says, the aim is to remain with the customer and ensure that it’s A-to-Z needs and requirements are taken care of. The GTHE values all of its customers alike, and there isn’t any bias on the basis of a big or small organisation.

A thoughtful Khalid observed that the market will continue to grow, and the UAE is on the anvil of a boom, as it approaches Expo 2020. “We look ahead to machine sales, as we have been quite successful in our new policy of offering machines on rental,” he pointed out, adding “more than 200 units are in operation under GTHE-Komatsu umbrella all across the UAE.” He was confident that within three years, the GTHE will be in command of more than 500 developmental units in the UAE.

The GTHE has bagged a lion’s share of the market, as Komatsu machines and engineering solutions are second to none. “We provide our customers with complete solutions and our KOWA, and CMS criterions make us a preferred choice for development works,” he noted. Komatsu’s PC210 is the new addition to the fleet, and is in greater demand.

Another first of its kind that GTHE eyes is power generation units. “Current purchases from our customers have given us a bonanza, and we look forward to stabilising on our sales in years to come.”

He especially pointed out the Dh50 billion package announced by Abu Dhabi for 2019-2021, and said that it will set in renewed momentum in the economy. “It will be a leap forward in growth.”

Khalid said that with Abu Dhabi soon initiating the process of awarding new developmental contracts, business will be on the rise. “We are particularly waiting for new projects, and have the capacity and capability to deliver.” He mentioned that Komatsu-Galadari policy is to provide the best quality machines and after-sales service, and “we are uncompromising in it.” He said: “The policy and mechanism is to reduce cost so that our customers are at ease. We provide best quality heavy Japanese machines and there isn’t any deviation in it.”

Elucidating his approach, the GTHE general-manager says, “We resolve to retain #1 status in the market, and are ready to take the competition to the next level.” He says that the GTHE-Komatsu’s strength is its relationship with its customers. “For us, customer comes first. Our aim is to keep them happy with our products and services.” The GTHE general manager says, “Adaptability is our strategy, and we believe in one-stop solution for our customers.”

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