All Terrain Cranes175|AT


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    Mobile Cranes

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    Top Features

    Outstanding efficiency traveling to the job site and excellent mobility

    • Single engine design with best in class horsepower and displacement
    • Cruise control, five stage intarder brake control lever, and three stage engine compression brake
    • Automated transmission (no clutch pedal) — 12 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse with two modes of operation: fully automatic and semi-automatic
    • 2-Speed auxiliary transmission
    • Job site travel is permissible with all 90,000 lbs |41 mt of counterweight for exceptional job site versatility:- ATC: 0.58 mph |0.93 km/hr job site travel
    • Highway speeds unmatched in the industry today: up to 55 mph |88 km/hr
    • Air disk brakes with ABS
    • Optional – Ether injection system, spark arrestor, and air intake shut off

    Efficient use of the overflow loads saves money

    • Efficient boom over the front and dolly configuration transport proposals for all markets
    • Only two overflow loads to get all counterweights and attachment to the job

    Safe, simple, and easy to understand!

    •  Real-time 360° Charts
    •  Integrated RCL
    • User friendly interface
    • Live preview mode
    • Incorporated swing arrest
    • 81 outrigger configurations

     “CDS” Counterweight Detection System

    • Pulse 2.0 automatically detects the amount of counterweight and selects the appropriate configuration.
    • PULSE 2.0 prompts the operator to verify the selected counterweight configuration.
    • Discrepancies between operator selection and PULSE 2.0 detection result in configuration mismatch on the RCL.

    Simplified fly erection

    • Efficient one-man operation
    • Limited ladder climbs
    • Reduced exposure to work-at-height

    PULSE 2.0|The premiere crane operating system

    • Enhanced to include diagnostic and monitoring features into carrier operations
    • Easy to navigate user interface on full color touch screen displays in both driver’s and operator’s cabs
    •  Wi-Fi enabled for remote software updates


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    • 42.7 – 197.1ft |13-60.1 m 6-section pin & latch boom
    • Seven boom extend modes provide superior capacities: EM1-EM7
    • Optional 10-32.5-55 ft | 3-9.9-16.8 m 3-piece, bi-fold, on-board lattice attachment available in hydraulic or manual offset
    • (3) 18 ft | 5.5 m lattice fly extensions
    • 315.1 ft | 96.1 m maximum tip height
    • Modular counterweights without wingweights – 90,000 lbs | 41 mt full counterweights
    • 23,622 lbs | 105.1 kN maximum winch line pull
    • 397 fpm | 121.0 m/min maximum winch line speed
    • New generation operator’s cab and drivers cab
    • Automated manual transmission with 2 –speed auxiliary transmission
    • Anti-lock (ABS) disc brakes
    • LED night time work light package

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