All Terrain CranesATC-3210

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Top Features

Outstanding mobility on the road and on the job site

  • Cruise control
  • Five stage intarder brake control lever
  • Three stage engine compression brake
  • Ether injection system – optional
  • Automated transmission (no clutch pedal) — 12 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse with two modes of operation: fully automatic and semi-automatic
  • 2-Speed auxiliary transmission
  • Job site travel is permissible with all 115,500 lbs |52.4 t of counterweight for exceptional job site versatility:- ATC: 0.58 mph |0.93 km/hr job site travel
  • Highway speeds up to 62 mph |99.78 km/hr unmatched in the industry today.
  • 6-section pin and latch boom with attachment flexibility
  • Big, wide cab with outstanding visibility
  • Winches deliver impressive numbers of line pull and line speed
  • Counterweight flexibility, big engine and transmission power, along with hydro-gas suspension promise incredible mobility on the road or on the job

Powerful and responsive hydraulics

  • Seven pumps, pressure compensated hydraulic system allows simultaneous and precise function of boom hoist, winch, and swing.
  • Two-speed hydraulic piston motor hoist system delivers superior hoisting. Matched size front and optional rear winches provide equal max line pulls of 25,955 lbs |115.5 Kn and max line speeds of 405 fpm |123.4 m/min on 15” |38.1 cm root diameter grooved drums.
  • Drum rotation indicators – standard.
  • Two bi-directional hydraulic swing motors mounted to a planetary reduction unit for 360° continuous smooth swing. Spring applied hydraulic released 360° swing park brake provides infinite swing park positions as well as free swing when control is in neutral position.

Pin & latch boom with attachment flexibility

  • Quick reeve boom head eliminates the need to remove the becket when it becomes necessary to change the reeving
  • Seven extend modes for superior capacities throughout the extension range
  • Available two or three-piece bi-folding lattice fly which allow the tip section to be stored, thus enhancing the lifting performance when using the base section
  • Boom requires no greasing because of ingenious Teflon wear pucks impregnated in the full contact wear pads
  • Two available offset fly options: manual offset with 2°, 15°, 30°, and 45°, and a hydraulic offset with 2° – 45° with no capacity deduction for luffing loads
  • No deducts for stowed attachments

Multiple counterweight configurations give you capacities for any size job

  • Standard – Total of 36,000 lbs |16 329 kg of removable counterweights. Capacities for three different counterweight configurations
  • Optional – Up to 115,500 lbs |52 390 kg of removable counterweights. Capacities for up to seven different counterweight configurations.
  • All configurations can be raised and lowered by hydraulic cylinders from the comfort of the operator’s cab for ease of installation and removal.

Roomier and quieter operator’s cab

  • Tilt cab up to 20º
  • Extra large front window almost seamlessly merges into the roof window
  • All gauges, switches, indicators, and controls are placed in the operators forward line of sight and backlit for nighttime operation
  • Pull-out Cab Walk for easy access to and from the operator’s cab
  • Outrigger and carrier engine controls
  • Right side swing, main, and auxiliary winch cameras
  • AM/FM radio

Telematics. You own the data!

Cellular-based data logging and monitoring system that provides:

  • Viewing options for sharing data with distributor and Link-Belt
  • Location and operational settings
  • Monitor routine maintenance intervals
  • Crane and engine monitoring
  • Diagnostic and fault codes

Breakthrough transportability

  • Unlike any all terrain the ATC-3210 can travel at a highway speed of 62 mph |100kph.
  • Transports with only three overflow loads, while other all terrains in its class require up to five.
  • Drive line features of anti-lock (ABS) disc brakes, transmission intarder, and true engine compression brake.
  • The hydro-gas suspension delivers great articulation for jobsites and yields a smooth ride on the highway.

Designed with transport in mind

  • Each overflow load weights under 45,000 lbs |20 412 kg


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  • 44.3 ft to 200.1 ft |13.5-61m 6-section pin & latch boom
  • Seven boom extend modes provide superior capacities: EM1-EM7
  • Optional 12-40-67 ft |3.65-12.2-20.42m three-piece, bi-fold, on-board lattice attachment with 2°, 15°, 30°, and 45° manual offsets, and 2°- 45° hydraulic offsets
  • Optional two 25 ft |7.62m plus 67 ft |20.42m provide a total attachment length of 117 ft |35.66m
  • 326.7 ft |99.6m maximum tip height
  • Modular style counterweights – 115,500 lbs |52.4 t
  • 25,955 lbs |115.5 kn maximum winch line pull
  • 405 fpm |123.4 m/min maximum winch line speed
  • Next generation tilting operator’s cab
  • Automated manual transmission with 2-speed auxiliary transmission
  • Anti-lock (ABS) disc brakes
  • “Stow ‘n Go” steel pontoons
  • LED night time lighting package