Telescopic Truck CranesHTC-86100


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    Top Features

    Powerful and responsive hydraulics

    • Six pump, pressure compensated hydraulic system allows simultaneous and precise function of boom hoist, winch and swing.
    • Two-speed hydraulic piston motor system delivers superior hoisting. Matched size optional front and rear winches provide equal max line pulls of 16,880 lbs (75.0 kn) and max line speeds of 480 fpm (143 m/min) on 16” (.41 m) root diameter grooved drums.
    • Drum rotation indicators – standard.
    • Bi-directional hydraulic swing motor mounted to a planetary reduction unit for 360° swing. Spring applied hydraulic released 360° swing park brake provides infinite swing park positions as well as free swing when control is in a neutral position.

    Designed for amazing job-site maneuverability

    • Drive and steer capabilities for the rear axles
    • Four steering modes: Independent front, Independent rear, All wheel, Diagonal
    • Rear axles self-center and lock in the straight ahead position for high speed travel
    • Turning radius under 29 ft (8.8 m) at the edge of the tire
    • 445/65R22.5 tires front and rear that are interchangeable
    • Only one spare rim and tire combination is needed
    • Transverse (cross-axle) differential locks that greatly improve traction on unimproved job-site conditions.

    Roomier and quieter operator’s cab

    • Extra large windows throughout for excellent visibility.
    • Excellent ventilation via a large sliding door, side and rear windows, and hinged roof window.
    • Single or dual axis, hydraulic operated controller mounted on armrest for outstanding operator comfort.
    • 6-way adjustable power tilting seat
    • All gauges, switches, indicators, and controls are located in the operator’s forward line of sight.
    • All gauges and switches are backlit for excellent visibility in low light conditions.
    • Winch and right side swing view cameras
    • In cab comfort is maintained by the standard heater and air conditioning.

    Superior accessibility

    • The pull-out CabWalk™ slides out from its secured travel position underneath the operator’s cab to give the operator a platform to stand on for easy entry and exit from the cab.
    • The upper work platform with folding handrails allows for easy inspection and maintenance of the HTC-86100.
    • Access to the operator’s cab and engine compartment is superb with strategically located ladders and steps.

    Road and job site ready!

    • Automated transmission (no clutch pedal) −12 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse with two modes of operation: fully automatic and semi-automatic
    • Job site travel is permissible with counterweight for exceptional job site versatility.
    • Boom dolly/trailer ready when equipped with optional boom float kit, rear electrical and air connections.
    • Cruise Control
    • Enginecompression brake
    • Ether injection system—optional

    Storage compartments

    • There are two standard locking storage boxes with options up to four boxes.


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    Other Specs



    • 38-140 ft |11.6 – 42.7 m 5-section pin & latch boom with attachment flexibility
      • 35-58 ft |10.7-17.7 m two-piece, bi-fold, on-board lattice attachment with 2°, 15°, 30°, 45° offsets – optional
      • Optional – Two 16 ft | 4.9 m lattice inserts provide a total attachment length of 90 ft | 27.4 m
      • 237 ft | 72.2 m maximum tip height
    • Big, wide cab with outstanding visibility
    • Winches deliver impressive numbers of line pull and line speed
      • 16,880 lbs | 75.0 kN maximum winch line pull
      • 480 fpm |143 m/min maximum winch line speed
    • Counterweight flexibility, big engine and transmission power, along with air-ride promise incredible mobility on the road or on the job

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