Telescopic Truck CranesHTC-8660 Series II


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    Top Features

    Cruise in one load to your next job site!

    • Speeds up to 60.7 mph (97.7 km/hr) on the highway, unmatched in the industry today.
    • Move it on the job site at 1.3 mph (2.0 km/hr) creep speed at idle for maximum maneuverability.
    • Automated transmission (no clutch pedal) – 12 speeds forward, 2-speeds reverse with two modes of operation: fully automatic and semi-automatic.
    • Cruise Control.
    • Three-stage engine compression brake.
    • Ether injection system – optional.

    Comfortable carrier cab provides high visibility

    • Ultra-Cab with fiberglass construction.
    • Dash-mounted comprehensive instrumentation with backlit gauges.
    • Sliding side and rear windows and roll up/down door window provides excellent ventilation.
    • Fully adjustable air ride fabric seat.
    • Suspended pedals.
    • Right sideview and backup cameras.

    Hydraulic counterweight transfer/removal system

    • Easily positions counterweight on carrier deck for efficient axle load distribution.
    • Modular counterweights offer up to four lifting combinations.

    Powerful & responsive piston winch

    • Two-speed motor with automatic brake.
    • Grooved drums minimize rope harmonic motion and improve spooling.
    • Optional auxiliary two-speed winch.

    The operator’s cab is roomier and quieter than traditional cabs

    • Six-way adjustable fabric seat with lift-up armrest (which deactivates control functions when raised).
    • Armrest mounted, responsive dual axis hydraulic controllers.
    • Bubble level sight level mounted on side console.
    • Ducted air through automotive-style directional vents.
    • Sliding right side, rear windows and swing-up roof window.
    • Single foot pedal boom telescope control.
    • Automotive-style windshield.
    • Corner-post-mounted, backlit gauges.
    • Large, sweeping electric wipers.
    • Dashless design.
    • Engine-dependant warm water heating with defroster.
    • Winch and right side swing view cameras.

    Superior accessibility

    • Access to the operator’s cab and engine compartment is superb with strategically located ladders and steps. The pull-out CabWalk™ slides out from its secured travel position underneath the operator’s cab to give the operator a platform to stand on for easy entry and exit from the cab.


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    Other Specs
    • 35.5’–110’ (10.82–33.53 m) 4-section full power boom
    • 28.5’–51’ (8.69-15.54 m) two-piece off settable fly, bi-fold, on-board lattice attachment with 2°, 20°, and 40° offests–optional
    • 167’ (50.90 m) maximum tip height
    • Modular style counterweights
    • 15,871 lbs (70.59 kn) maximum winch line pull
    • 502 fpm (153.2 m/min) maximum winch line speed
    • Manual transmission
    • 60.7 mph (97.7 km/hr) travel speed
    • Front & rear suspension air ride
    • Three lockable storage boxes
    • “Stow ‘n Go” steel pontoons

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