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    Hydraulic Breakers

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    Top Features

    High impact energy

    A combination of 70% nitrogen gas and 30% hydraulic energy provides powerful impact for high-performance productivity.

    Simple design, longer life

    With only 2 moving parts and a built-in dust prevention system, you get maximum uptime and reliability.

    Fewer parts

    Up to 30% fewer parts than competition for reduced operating costs and less maintenance.


    Box brackets with noise-reduction design – minimally invasive in urban areas.

    Extensive tool range

    For use in a large variety applications.

    Versatile with any carrier

    Low sensitivity to back pressure means the Komatsu breaker can be used with virtually any carrier.

    Nitrogen gas cushion

    Absorbs piston recoil to reduce vibrations for less stress on the machine and operator.

    Dual retainer pins

    Ensures proper alignment and spreads wear, for a longer chisel and bushing life.

    Simple control valve

    Flow-through design for effi cient control with a minimal hydraulic surge.

    Dual retainer pins

    Ensures proper alignment and spreads wear, for a longer

    Patented tie rod design

    Short, fully-enclosed tie rods with internal vibration dampeners and patented thread design resist standard wear and tear.

    50/50 piston-to-chisel

    weight ratio With long stroke for greater energy transfer and less recoil.

    Special hardened alloy points

    Increases durability in a wide range of applications.

    Hydraulic cushioning

    Helps to prevent damage caused by inadvertently triggering a “blank” fire

    ”Accumulator-free” technology

    Less maintenance, increased reliability and durability – and lower operating costs.

    Underwater application port

    Standard on all breakers, for a quick and convenient pressurized air connection.

    Auto-lube options

    Easily post-fi tted, it eliminates time wasted on manual greasing and ensures correct and continuous lubrication.


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    MODEL JTHB210-3 JTHB350-3 JTHB450-3 JTHB650-3
    Operating weight kg 1.830  2.700 3.600  4.550
    Oil flow l/min 160-200 180-230 240-300 280-390
    Operating pressure bar  140-180 30-180  140-180  140-180
    Impact rate bpm 490-630 380-450 370-470 370-470
    Tool diameter mm 135 146 160 178
    Hose size inch 1 1 1-1/4 1-1/4
    Gas pressure bar 8 8 8 8
    Base machine weight range ton 18-25 27-40 38-50 45-70
    Matching Table
    MODEL JTHB210-3 JTHB350-3 JTHB450-3 JTHB650-3
    Machine weight (tonnes) 18-25 27-40 38-50  45 – 70
    Machine models PC210-10 PC290-10 PC490-10  PC700-8
    HB215LC-1 PC360-10 PC400 class PC600 class
    PC230NHD-8 PC300 class
    PC200 class
    Tool selection

    Optional equipment

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    Optional equipment
    • Auto grease system

    An optional auto grease system eliminates the need for manual interventions. By greasing the breaker at fixed intervals and with adjustable output, the system improves ease-of-use and extends the lifetime of your breaker and wear parts. Available on the JTHB120-3 and larger breakers, it is fully incorporated into the bracket and doesn’t require an external power source.

    • Underwater use

    JTHB breakers can be quickly and easily adapted for underwater use through the optional underwater kit. Compressed air is supplied through the air port on the breaker’s body (included as standard across the range), preventing water from entering the breaker

    • Other special application kits

    A number of kits are available for special applications such as:

    • Extreme-temperature environments (hot or cold)
    • Extremely dusty environments
    • Tunnel works

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