Ready Mix Concrete PlantsMB-200W

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    Top Features

    MB-200W model, which is the biggest in MEKA stationary concrete batching plants range with single mixer, is designed for maximum capacity, flexibility, efficiency and reliability for producing all types of high quality concretes in mass production. A powerful 5,0 m³ Twinshaft mixer offers a wide range of concrete applications such as RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), road pavement and others. Wide range of options make this plant highly configurable for any specific needs.


    • Heavy and stable main chassis allows extreme durability, safe transportation, continuous long-life operation and sensitive weighing by minimizing the vibrations to the scales


    • High capacity is very important during mass production, but is also must be flexible to meet any request coming from the market. MB-200W is one of the most configurable models in its segment. Twin discharge, wet&dry option, additional weighing hoppers like GGBS, Microsilica (dry or slurry), Ice and many other options are all available to be used on any MB-200W concrete batching plant.


    • 5,0 m³ capacity concrete mixer with aggregate holding hopper provide exceptional capacity of up to 200 m³/h with perfect operational characteristics.


    • Wide platforms allow easy and safe access to the main parts of the mixer and the weighing hoppers. Includes the upper platform for the service of the scales.


    • 5,0 m³ Twinshaft mixers allows the mixing of aggregates up to 120mm which makes it perfectly suitable for production of RCC concrete


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    Radial or Shuttle Conveyor Aggregate Feeding System

    • In order to reduce the cost for building a one-side feeding ramp we have developed aggregate feeding systems which allow easy aggregate feeding without any extra costs for foundation or ramp.

    Optional Steel Ramp Wall

    • Optional steel ramp wall allows easy operation without expensive concrete ramp construction. The ramp is designed as a heavy structure and is capable of carrying sustainable load for a long period of time. This option eliminates the construction of a concrete ramp wall for the aggregate bin. It is very useful and cost saving when the plant is moved from time to time.

    Mobile Steel Foundation for Cement Silos

    • Mobile steel foundations allow installation of cement silos on flat ground without any concrete slab or column foundation required. This allows even faster installation and reduces the operational costs as the foundation can be transported together with the plant.

    Options For Different Climatic Conditions
    Cooling Options

    • Chillers: MEKA offers a range of chiller systems to be used with concrete batching plants. Check the chillers product page for more information.
    • Ice Weighing Hoppers: MEKA offers ice weighing hoppers for implementation of ice during concrete production in extra hot conditions.
    • Ice Screw Conveyors: MEKA offers ice screw conveyor for implementation of ice during concrete production in extra hot conditions

    Heating Options

    • Cladding: MEKA offers sandwich panel or steel sheet cladding options.
    • Steam Generators: Steam generators start to provide steam in short period of time comparing to steam boilers. Different types of fuel are available.


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    metric/imperial MB-200W
    Compacted Concrete Output (30 and 20 sec mix) 200 m³/h
    Mixer Capacity (Compacted Concrete) 5,0 m³
    Mixer Type Twin Shaft
    Mixer Motor Power 2×90 kW
    Aggregate Bins 4-8×20-75 m³
    Aggregate Feeding Ramp or Pre-Feeding System
    Aggregate Transfer Belt
    Air Compressor Included, Piston or Screw Type 7,5 kW
    Cement Weighing Hopper 2,500 kg
    Water Weighing Hopper 1.200 kg
    Additive Weighing Hopper
    Up to 6 pumps per hopper
    1-4 x 20-60 kg
    Cement Screw Conveyor 1-8 pcs D=323mm

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