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    MB-C30 model is the best choice for low volume concrete production on small and tight work sites. Combining the advantages of fast installation with small footprint and minimum foundation MB-C30 is the best choice for small construction companies. The installation requires minimum or no foundations which reduces the operational costs and brings the mobility to a new level.


    • Folding main chassis allows perfect durability, easy transportation, fast installation, continuous long-life operation and sensitive weighing by minimizing the vibrations to the scales.


    • MB-C30 is equipped with wide platforms to allow easy and safe access to the main parts of the mixer and the weighing hoppers. Includes the upper platform for the service of the scales and skip motor/gearbox service platform.


    • MB-C30 is designed to fit in only one standard truck or 40FT open top container with one set for cement silo consisting of a screw conveyor, filter and silo accessories. The main chassis consists of a single part and reduces the time for multiple installations.


    • MB-C30 Compact concrete plant is designed to minimize work on site during installation and is plumbed and tested at the manufacturing facilities. Depending on the equipment, MB-C30 compact concrete plant can be normally installed within 1 day.


    • MEKA automation system with Ethernet data connection is the key element in fast and high-quality concrete production. MEKA has been developing its own Software Department since more than 15 years. More than 1500 concrete batching plants operating worldwide provide an enormous feedback for the improvement. Recently this large experience has been transformed into a simple, comprehensive and extremely sensitive electromechanical structure – a MECAS Automation System.


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    Compact Aggregate Feeding System

    • In order to reduce the cost for building a one or two-side feeding ramp we have developed aggregate feeding system which allow easy aggregate feeding without any extra costs for foundation or ramp.

    Mobile Steel Foundation For Cement Silos

    • Mobile steel foundations allow installation of cement silos on flat ground without any concrete slab or column foundation required. This allows even faster installation and reduces the operational costs as the foundation can be transported together with the plant.

    Options For Different Climatic Conditions
    Cooling Options

    • Chillers: MEKA offers a range of chiller systems to be used with concrete batching plants. Check the chillers product page for more information.
    • Ice Weighing Hoppers: MEKA offers ice weighing hoppers for implementation of ice during concrete production in extra hot conditions.
    • Ice Screw Conveyors: MEKA offers ice screw conveyor for implementation of ice during concrete production in extra hot conditions

    Heating Options

    • Cladding: MEKA offers sandwich panel or steel sheet cladding options.
    • Steam Generators: Steam generators start to provide steam in short period of time comparing to steam boilers. Different types of fuel are available.


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    metric/imperial MB-C30
    Compacted Concrete Output (30 and 20 sec mix) 30 m³/h
    Mixer Capacity (Compacted Concrete) 0.5 m³
    Mixer Type Single Shaft
    Mixer Motor Power 18,5 kW
    Aggregate Bins 4×7 or 2×14 m³
    Aggregate Feeding Ramp or Pre-Feeding System
    Aggregate Transfer Skip
    Air Compressor Included, Piston or Screw Type 5,5 kW
    Cement Weighing Hopper 300 kg
    Water Weighing Hopper 160 kg
    Additive Weighing Hopper 1 or 2 x 20-40 kg
    Cement Screw Conveyor 1-4 pcs D=193mm

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