Telescopic Crawler CranesTCC-1400 CE


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    Top Features

    Built for remarkable control, reliability and capacity performance on any terrain

    • 320 hp (239 kW) Cummins QSL Tier 4 Final engine
    • Variable displacement piston type main pumps with total horsepower control
    • Main hoists powered through piston motors and winch planetary drums grooved for 7/8″ (22mm) wire rope
    • 22,380 lb (10 151 kg) of line pull
    • 537 fpm (163.7 m/min) of winch speed
    • Three working gauges
    • Multiple counterweight configurations

    Standard with:

    • Upper guardrail
    • Rear view camera
    • Winch camera
    • Hoist drum cable follower
    • Travel and swing alarm
    • Cat walks
    • Assembly RCL capacity chart on jacks

    Pin & latch boom with attachment flexibility

    •  Ingenious Teflon wear pucks impregnated in the full contact wear pads eliminate the need for greasing the boom.
    • Quick reeve boom head eliminates the need to remove the becket to change the reeving.
    • 5 extend modes: EM1-EM5 and standard modes enhance both the structural and stability capacity capability and are fully synchronized for normal operation
    • Manual offset fly: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°
    • No deducts for stowed attachments

    Operator aid features

    • Operator settable alarms with function kick-out include left and right slew angle, maximum & minimum boom angle, head height, load radius, boom length, and operator defined area

    Heavy-duty power for the most demanding jobs

    • Low noise, Tier 4 Final Cummins, four stroke diesel with an abundance of horsepower to provide multi-function operation and fast 2.0 mph travel speed. All engine systems are monitored via the on board engine control monitor.
    • On-demand, direct drive, high pressure variable displacement piston pumpspower the boom hoist function as well as matching front and rear high pressure piston winch motors connected through planetary drives to large diameter grooved drum laggings.
    • A dedicated hydraulic swing pump feeds two independent swing drive assemblies with open center free swing, providing a smooth glide feel. Both dynamic and static swing brakes are also offered as standard equipment.
    • Travel propel is achieved through individual side frame-mounted, two-speed, high pressure piston motors / travel reduction boxes with integral travel brake
    • Oil is cooled by a remote mounted, hydraulic powered, high capacity cooler.

    Highly functional and comfortable cab

    • Cab tilt to 20 ̊
    • High capacity air-conditioning
    • High capacity hot water heating
    • Six-way adjustable seat
    • LED service monitor screen provides engine performance and critical data using conventional gauge appearance.Second level provides actual digital values, as well as diagnostic information.
    • Adjustable armrest console with pilot-operated single-axis or joystick controls
    • Hydraulic pilot controls for variable hoist, swing and travel performance
    • Fingertip high speed hoist button for front and rear drum
    • Rear view and winch view cameras

    Total crane operating system

    • It aids operators in a safe and efficient operation

    Telematics. You own the data!

    Cellular-based data logging and monitoring system that provides:

    • Viewing options for sharing data with distributor and Link-Belt
    • Location and operational settings
    • Monitor routine maintenance intervals
    • Crane and engine monitoring
    • Diagnostic and fault codes

    Quick and easy mobilization

    •  Transports complete in FOUR OR FIVE LOADS
    • Main unit transports under 93,600 lbs (42 456 kg)with side frames removed
    • Four overflow loads under 44,500 lbs (20 185 kg)
    • Four wide-spread hydraulic jacks for easy sideframe assembly/disassembly
    • Fold-up catwalks


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    • 42.3′ – 195.4′ | 12.9 – 59.5 m main boom
    • 203′ | 61.96m main boom tip height
    • Six section pin & latch boom
    • Remarkable control, reliability & capacity performance
    • Unbeatable hydraulic pilot-operated control
    • Superior jobsite flexibility
    • 20° tilting cab
    • Quick mobilization – transports in four or five loads
    • Rear view and winch cameras

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