Telescopic Crawler CranesTCC-2500 CE


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    Top Features

    Built for remarkable control, reliability and capacity performance on any terrain

    • 320 hp (239 kW) Cummins QSL Tier 4 Final engine
    • Variable displacement piston type main pumps with total horsepower control
    • Main hoists powered through piston motors and winch planetary drums grooved for 7/8″ (22mm) wire rope
    • 28,582 lb (12 965 kg) of line pull
    • 404 fpm (123.1 m/min) of winch speed
    • Multiple counterweight configurations

    Powerful tracks deliver versatility, control and functionality

    • Each track delivers 9,056 ft lbs of tractive effort and comes standard with 2 bar grousers with nylon track pad inserts to tackle any condition
    • Hydraulically adjusted track tension always ensures tracks have positive tension
    • Drive sprockets, idlers and rollers are fully sealed and lubricated for life

    Heavy-duty power for the most demanding jobs

    • High pressure variable displacement piston pumps supply power on demand to both winches, travel motors, boom hoist and telescopic function providing multi-function capability with no loss of power.
    • Dedicated closed circuit swing pump feeds two independent swing drive assemblies for a smooth even control with a static swing brake featured as standard equipment.
    • Travel is achieved through individual side frame mounted, two-speed high pressure, piston motors with travel reduction boxes and integral travel brake.
    • Oil is cooled via a remote mounted, hydraulic powered high capacity cooler

    Operator aid features

    • Operator settable alarms with function kick-out include left and right slew angle, maximum & minimum boom angle, head height, load radius, and boom length.

    Pin & latch boom with attachment flexibility

    • Ingenious Teflon wear pucks impregnated in the full contact wear pads removes the need for greasing the boom.
    • Quick reeve boom head eliminates removing the becket to change the reeving.
    • Hydraulic fly: 2° – 45° offset
    • No deducts for stowed attachments
    • Innovative 12 ft |3.65m fly is integral to the 3-piece fly.
    • Over 34 tons|30.8 mt capacity and one-load two-line lift procedures.
    • Equipped with two sheaves for up to 4 parts of line

    Take control with Pulse 2.0

    • 10″ full color touch screen display
    • Integrated RCL & ECM data
    • Advanced diagnostics and monitoring features
    • WiFi enabled for software updates
    • Operator customizable

    Total crane operating system

    • It aids operators in a safe and efficient operation.

    Highly functional and comfortable cab

    • High capacity air-conditioning
    • High capacity hot water heating
    • Six-way adjustable seat
    • LED screen monitors engine performance and critical data using conventional gauge appearance. Second level provides actual digital values, as well as diagnostic information.
    • Adjustable armrest console with single-axis or joystick controls
    • Electric controls for variable hoist, swing and travel performance
    • Fingertip high speed hoist button for front and rear drum
    • Rear, right side, and winch view cameras

    Telematics. You own the data!

    Cellular-based data logging and monitoring system that provides:

    • Location and operational settings
    • Monitor routine maintenance intervals
    • Crane and engine monitoring
    • Diagnostic and fault codes
    • Optional data sharing with distributor & Link-Belt for real time diagnostic

    Quick and easy mobilization

    • Transports complete in EIGHT LOADS
    • Complete self-assembly capabilities
    • ‘Hook and pin’ removable side frames with hydraulic pinning
    • Standard lower jacks with excellent ground clearance
    • Wireless remote control for jacks and side frame pinning
    • Modular counterweights optimally designed for efficient transport
    • 107,156 lbs (48 605 kg) main transport loads
    • 7 overflow loads 44,000 lbs (19 958 kg) or less
    • Fold-up catwalks
    • Dedicated tie-down lugs




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    • 43.7-223 ft (13.3-68 m) seven section pin and latch boom
    • 8 boom extend modes (EM1-EM8) for maximizing capacities
    • Optional 12-40-67 ft (3.6-12.1-20.4 m) three-piece fly with hydraulic offset
    • Two optional 25 ft (7.6 m) lattice extensions for maximum tip height of 346 ft (105.4 m)
    • 28,582 lb (12,965 kg) maximum available line pull
    • 404 f/min (123.1 m/min) maximum line speed
    • 154,000 lbs (69,853 kg) 7-piece upper counterweight
    • 100% pick and carry capacity chart
    • Standard nylon track pad inserts for improved ground bearing
    • Ultra wide new winch design


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