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    Machine Inspection

    Machine Inspection

    Visual inspections

    Visual inspections can be provided to help you assess the condition of your equipment. Our highly experienced product support and service teams provide and comprehensive report based on visual inspection. Based on our experience and daily exposure to the equipment we are able to quickly highlight repair requirements and provide preventative maintenance and operational recommendations.

    Preventative maintenance clinics

    PM Clinics are machine-specific, comprehensive, diagnostic inspections designed to help our customers take a more proactive approach to the maintenance of their machines. We check the performance of your machine and measure key diagnostics including engine speeds, turbo boost pressures, oil engine oil pressure, engine blow-by levels, hydraulic and transmission pressures, cycle times and visual observation data. With this data, we are able to identify trends and issues and make recommendations and adjustments to optimize machine performance. For each PM Clinic performed, a written report is produced and information received is compared with factory standard values and repair limits to ensure machines are running as designed.

    Other Service Programs

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