Superior by Design, Choice of Professionals Worldwide.The first European manufacturers to design and develop a range of Telehandlers in 1983, Dieci’s began with the production of concrete mixers in 1963. With a constant commitment to quality,
Dieci’s offering has more than 143 production models. Dieci’s state-of-the-art technical
department provides solutions tailored as per customers’ technical specifications for their special
application needs.

DIECI started out in 1962 by designing and building concrete mixers and in 1983 we were one of
the first European manufacturers to develop and produce a range of telehandlers.
In 2000 they unveiled the now well-known Pegasus family of telehandlers with 360- and 400-
degree rotating boom.

The result of this constant commitment is an offering that includes no fewer than 143 current
production models. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art DIECI technical department provides
customized solutions developed from standard vehicles based on customers’ specific technical
requirements, in order to meet their special application needs.

The innovation of our business approach

Quality and Reliable products

Dieci telehandlers are superior by design, making them the choice of professionals worldwide.
Designed for intense use, they guarantee a high level of reliability over time.
Machines are four-wheel drive with traction to burn. You have the option of steering three ways:
four-wheel, front-wheel and crab steer.
Dieci offers a choice of transmissions from hydrostatic, powershift and the all-new vario system
with 0 to 40 kph.

Ultra-modern cabs are ergonomically designed with ample space, contemporary controls,
proportional joysticks, fast outrigger controls and a “go-anywhere tool” at your fingertips. Auxiliary
hydraulics are right there on the joystick where they should be Pegasus.

The Dieci range of roto telehandlers offer class-leading performance at very competitive prices
offering a model to suit every requirement, hat you can rent from Galadari Trucks and Heavy

PEGASUS is a rotary telehandler from DIECI t its rotation can be either continuous (360°) or noncontinuous (400°). This telehandler can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories that make it
suitable for many jobs, a single vehicle can operate as a telehandler, an aerial platform and a

The Pegasus /400 ° model, designed specifically for the rental market, has a non-continuous 400
° rotation, its main features are ease of use, robustness, reliability and a complete range of safety
features, including a load limiting device plus advanced instrumentation to ensure total control of
the vehicle irrespective of force, load, ground conditions and speed.

The Pegasus continuous rotation on 360°, in addition to all the features of the 400° model, is
equipped with outriggers with automatic leveling function, and an electronic control system (made
with CAN-bus technology) that allows it to operate in any position, in fact according to the
footprint base, the outriggers position and the load weight, the system measures in real time the
best working and safety parameters by means of a thorough diagnostic, allowing total control.

The equipment also includes the new Load
Sensing / Flow Sharing hydraulic distributor and a new rotary joint with integrated rotation sensor.
The capacitive joystick with deadman sensor, accurate and sensitive, allows the turret rotation
speed regulation/reduction.

The automatic reversal system of the controls makes it possible to travel with 180° rotated turret,
to easily move inside the narrow working areas.
The “Ecowork” system combined with the joystick allows increased fuel savings, drawing power
to the Diesel engine only when required.

The already excellent cab comfort features (ROPS -FOPS approved and equipped with all safety
devices and air conditioning) are further improved by the adoption of a new Smart
Navigation system for controlling the main electronic functions of the vehicle: driving modes,
minimum RPM control, forward speed and diagnostics.

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and selling world-class equipment for construction in UAE.

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