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genie maintenance | Guidelines for Maintaining Your Genie

Performing periodic inspections and proper maintenance is essential for safety, as well as for getting optimal performance from a Genie® mobile elevating work platform (MEWP). This inspection and maintenance should be performed by a qualified person and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. As always, it’s important to consult the machine’s owner’s manual for specific maintenance intervals and procedures.

However, the following are good, general guidelines for genie maintenance MEWP fleet:

 Make sure your tires and wheels are in good working condition.

Maintaining the condition of your MEWP’s tires and wheels is essential to safe operation and good performance. Tire damage and/or excessive wear can affect machine performance and stability. Component damage also could result if problems are not discovered and repaired in a timely fashion.

A visual inspection can tell you whether your tread depth is sufficient, as well as whether if there is any sidewall damage. Your machine’s wheel decals and operator’s service and parts manual can provide details specific to your model. Please refer to specific requirements for your machine, and a qualified tire repair technician, for tire repair.

 Check your hydraulic oil and perform periodic and programmed genie maintenance.

All Genie MEWPs use a hydraulic system for lift functions, and some models share this system with their drive systems. Performing checks and maintaining your machine’s hydraulic oil is essential for good machine performance and service life.

Daily, MEWP operator should look for oil leaks and check hydraulic oil levels before operation. Discovering and correcting changes in oil level, or improper hydraulic oil levels, can help prevent damage to hydraulic components.

In addition to scheduled quarterly and annual maintenance intervals, owners and maintenance personnel are responsible for checking hydraulic oil and filters during programmed hours on the MEWP. In some cases, testing the hydraulic oil for specific levels of contamination can verify whether changing the oil is necessary.

And, finally, inspect the hydraulic filters. If the filter is not frequently checked and replaced, impurities will remain in the hydraulic system, which could result in component damage. Inspecting, and replacing hydraulic filters and fluids when necessary, can improve system performance as well as safe operation of the machine.

 Additionally, maintaining a record on the MEWP — as provided by the manufacturer — creates a record of the date of the last annual inspection, and the interval at which inspections are required.

This record is a responsibility for all equipment owners, and it helps keep track of your maintenance needs. Performing regular maintenance checks, as well as preventative maintenance, improves up-time and ensures your equipment is rental-ready, protecting your investment and residual value, as well as improving your rental return on invested capital (rROIC).

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 Genie Lift Connect® Telematics

With the addition of Genie Lift Connect telematics to your fleet, you can upload a maintenance plan and record activities to manage any needed inspection and maintenance needs.

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